Monday, 5 September 2016

Lime crime fakes | review

Ever since liquid lipsticks became a big thing they have been the only thing on my lips!
But sadly most liquid lipsticks that are good quality are not cheap.
Fake products can be quite controversial and a lot of people have negative opinions,
But i thought i would give them a go and i ended up loving these lipsticks.



The most important qualities of a liquid lipstick for me is long wearing, lightweight and being able to layer it and these tick all the boxes. 
I don't have a original to compare but as far as i had seen from photos i couldn't tell much difference in packaging. I wasn't really looking to find a exact dupe for lime crime lipsticks, I wanted to judge these lipsticks as there own thing entirely but the fact that they are packaged to look like something more expensive is a big bonus, and could be the only reason you'll want to buy these lipsticks. 
They are very long wearing and dry fairly quick, i do find myself having to touch up just the center of my lips a few times a day which i can deal with. one thing i enjoy about these is that i can apply a few coats without it going clumpy and these babies dry completely so no stickiness!

Really the only negative thing i have to say is some of the darker colours can come out a tad patchy so iv not really been wearing those too much.
There is a crazy amount of colours to choose from, neutrals to a mint green one i have seen!
You have to keep the in mind the price, they won't be the best liquid lipsticks you will ever try but for £1-5 they are damn good and i reach for these all the time.
The really big benefit of buying these is you can really build your collection fast and have lots of options of colors with very little cash.
You can find them on ebay just type in lime crime, i really recommend you give these a try! 


Wednesday, 31 August 2016

My Vacation to Mexico

This vacation was very indulgent. we stayed in a beautiful all inclusive hotel.
They are my favorite kind of vacations because all you need to do is eat, relax and work on getting a banging tan. 

I love photography and mexico made it very easy from me to take some great ones.

Thank you so much for looking through my vacation photos  
I hope you all enjoyed, please let me know what you think in the comments  

Friday, 26 August 2016

The best beauty finds on ebay | part 3

I spend far too much money and time on ebay,
I do class myself as a professional "ebayer" you could call it my superpower, 
My aim with these posts is to show all the things you wouldn't think to buy online and show you how cheap it can be, it pains me to see people buy stuff in stores when i know how cheap i could find them on ebay.     

this is my third post for this series of ebay beauty finds,
so please feel free to have a peek at the other deals.

The best beauty finds on ebay
The best beauty finds on ebay | part 2

Liquid lipsticks

This one may be a bit controversial but i literally live off fake liquid lipsticks!
You can get kylie lip kits, lime crime, colour pop and jeffree star lipsticks for £2-5.
 Yes i know it's not the real deal, but i love the formula of my ones, just type in liquid lipsticks!
plus it is fun pulling out a kylie lip kit from my bag to touch up, i'm just saying.


Chokers are everywhere right now, Topshop sells them for ridiculous prices! but on ebay they are one of the cheapest things you can buy! I now have a very good sized collection of chokers that put together only cost me £ 15, they sell for £1-3 for pretty much any design you can imagine.

This foundation brush

When i first saw mac release these brushes i thought it was very weird and wouldn't catch on, but seeing as these brushes are ridiculously priced and very popular now i'd thought never get to know what the hype was about until i found one on ebay for £1, and its still one of my favourite brushes.
it sounds funny but i typed in tooth brush brushes, if anyone knows the actual name please let me know! i've also seen big sets of these brushes that sell for £20 meanwhile others are paying £200 for the same thing.

Beauty blenders

Honestly iv never been so impressed with ebay when i opened this package, I got two beauty blenders and two micro ones in all the original packaging for £8, I thought it was too good to be true but i compared to my real one and i could tell no difference! i'm never spending £25 pounds on beauty blender again! just type in beauty blender and enjoy (plus these would make great gifts)

I hope you like this little series of all my best ebay finds,
Because i love making them. 
here are some more great deals from ebay!


Monday, 22 August 2016

My new glam station

I like to call this my new glam station and i'm beyond happy with the way it turned out. 
I used to store my make up in the iconic plastic rainbow draws that every beauty guru thought was the bomb but actually i could never see my makeup, i ended up forgetting about a lot of my collection but now i can see it all, i have the perfect lighting and it makes me even more excited to do my make up everyday.

Dressing table - Ikea
Mirror - Ikea
Lights - Ikea
Trays inside - Ikea
Vase - Ikea
Channel photo - Handmade
Gold pot - Tiger

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Real Techniques BOLD METALS

I didn't know i could have such strong feelings about makeup brushes 
until i laid my eyes on these puppies, These are real techniques new luxury line of brushes
called Bold metals, These brushes was released in january of this year so i know 
i'm a little late on the trend, but i only just discovered these brushes about a month ago
And since have collected all but one of them, i'm actually obsessed and could not
contain the urge to do a post and a little review on these brushes

These brushes range from £25 to the cheapest at £10 which is not a huge leap from the 
original real techniques brush line, also i would easily compare these brushes 
to my mac and other high end brushes which makes them seem cheap 
compared to my mac brushes that are priced at £50.

Obviously when it comes to looks these brushes take the cake, i love how on each
brush there is a gradual fade from the color of the handle,
But those beautiful elongated handles are actually weighted
to make application easier and to add the that luxury feel to the brushes.

The handle is also shaped like a diamond so when your doing your makeup
and you lay your brush down it wont roll, which seems like such a small detail but
actually iv become to really appreciate.

My favorite brush from the collection has to be the arched powder brush, 
which is the largest out of them all, this brush is just so soft and i find it just powders
and sets my makeup beautifully

Heres a little link to where you can 
buy these beauties

I hope you enjoyed my little ramble of my thoughts on these already popular brushes
Thank you all for reading glitter bugs

Monday, 31 August 2015

My Vacation | Best surprise ever

This week has been utterly unforgeable, My family had been planning this vacation for weeks
 and i couldn't of been more excited but, 
When i arrived at LAX airport i had no idea that my best friend of 12 years would jump out from behind me and would be joining me on a vacation of a life time.
It was a surprise they had all been hiding from me for months now!

After i had come to grips with the fact that my best friend was standing next
to me in LA, we was straight on the road! we started in LA then Disneyland and for the
last few days we went to Las Vegas!

Thank you so much for looking through my vacation photos  
I hope you all enjoyed, please let me know what you think in the comments  

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Make someone's day

So this is just a little post show you that the little things in life are the things that matter
Everyone will remember a big event in there life something that you can look back in photos, but the really small things that happen every day that leave you feeling warm hearted and tingly inside,
Those are the small priceless moments that make the world go round.

Have you ever had a really bad day, or even worse, feeling sad but not knowing why?
of course you have, Well one day i was having one of those very emotional days where i
can't quite put my finger on what had me feeling this sad, 
 All of a sudden i get a text from my mum saying ''check the fridge'' 
I muster up the willpower to crawl out of my duvet cocoon i had made myself to sulk in
and reach the fridge, inside i see some beautifully packaged macarons
(btw they are my favorite thing on the planet and i don't have them often) 
And as quick as my jaw dropped to the floor i had forgot that i was feeling down at all. 

I have never forgot that little memory because it reminds me that making someones day 
is my favorite thing to do, whether its something so small like holding a door open,
Or helping the elderly on the bus, A small gesture like that can make someone's day 
or just make them smile.

 Imagine if every person out there did something selfless each day how much better 
this world could be, so my challenge is for you today and for as long as you can
do something once a day to help another, 
with no thought of personal gain, and i promise you in the long run you will gain the most.   

I really do ramble on but i hope you liked what i had to say,
go and make someones day!

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