Wednesday, 30 April 2014

preparing for your special day

Whatever it may be, a prom, a wedding, my neighbors sisters friends baby shower,  any formal occasion i jump at the chance to go to! any excuse to wear a fancy dress, beautiful makeup, with the heels and the diamond earrings and your hair pined in a elegant side bun I LOVE DRESSING UP! i wish it was acceptable
to wear this every day, if only i was born in 1925 i would be so much happier
of course if i was born then i wouldn't be able to share with you all of my lovely advice
for making the most of your occasion and how to avoid the stressful moments 

prepare for the worst

Preparing for your event is so important, having your appointments booked in advance is all ways smart no matter what, but something a lot of people don't think about is having trial run before the day, 
for your hair, makeup and very importantly if your having a spray tan! 
Paying a good amount of money to have a spray tan done and you come out like a carrot!  
it would be a funny story but, on the day it would be the end of the world.
So thinking ahead definitely pays off,  

Say yes to the dress

having the perfect outfit is cherry on the cake but sacrificing comfort i wont settle for,
I wont wear it if i have to keep pulling it up or down and high heels that cripple you I cant see any shoe being worth it
So Ladies the floor length dress is your best friend!
not only are these super comfortable they are very flattering,
being loose around the bits you may want to hide and tight around your bust 
these are my personal Favourite dresses for events and you could be bare foot and no one would know!
but if you did want height go for wedges, they are so much comfier. Have been so kind and are giving us a exclusive sneak peak at there new prom line full of amazing outfits for all of your events the maxi dresses and the rompers are my personal favourite out of this line, they are comfy and can be dressed up beautifully and if you are looking for some accessories to complete your outfit they have you covered and it wont break the bank like some high street stores.           


On a budget

Picking something that you really want to spurge on whether it be the dress or you want your hair and makeup done professionally is a good place to start, because things like nails, makeup, hair, tanning, these things can all be done at home with the things you already own, so if your tempted to spend money getting all of these extras done professionally just pick the most important thing to you and try and save money in every thing else. for me I wanted to
invest in my dress, so i did my nails, hair and makeup myself.
i even made me and my boyfriends corsage and boutonniere that would of cost another $100, so that's $100 that I got to spend on my dress instead


The day before   

Today is the day for pampering! so face masks, home manicures, this is even better
with a group of friends that are going with you, just relax and get excited
Depending on what your event is get everything ready so the day can move smoothly
So lay out your outfit and set reminders for your appointments
 make a little to-do list of what you need to do
at what time so you can be ready and every thing done for when
the time of your occasion rolls around.

Prom season is among us
my prom is this Saturday!!!
I hope your special day goes smoothly and you enjoy every moment
(this post was not sponsored nor did I receive anything for writing this)


Tuesday, 29 April 2014

15 Best beauty Tips & Tricks

I love finding new tips and tricks, especially when they are just using the things
you already have and just using them in a different ways,
so here are some of my favourites for you.
I tried to use tips that are new to me too, and some I have used for a long time 
so i hope you find something you haven't heard of before.

.Putting Vaseline on your eye lashes makes them grow longer and stronger and when I did this it also make my eye lashes look darker too. 


.Don't pump your mascara wand in and out of the tube, it gets air inside and dry's out your mascara


.Use caster oil to anti frizz your hair and add texture also is amazing for your hair.


.After brushing your teeth dip your tooth brush in some baking soda and brush your teeth, this will make your teeth so White!.


.lightly heat up some olive oil in the microwave and put in a bowl and dip your nails in the oil, this will deep condition you nails, after the oil is cool pull your hands out and rub the excess oil on your hands for a luxurious addition to your home manicures.


.When you are done in the shower and you are ready to get out rinse your hair with cold water this will close the hair follicles locking in all the moisture, and will leave you with softer hair.

  • Cut a lemon in half and dip it in sugar rub it around your face gently, for a blemish banishing exfoliator.

  • Put some olive oil through the ends of your hair you can put as much in as you want, then put your hair up in a bun and go to sleep you mite want to put a towel down on your pillow first, when you wake up wash your hair and you will be amazed how soft your hair is and will improve the appearance of split ends.


  • Make your own tined moisturiser just put equal parts foundation to moisturiser and mix together, I love this for working out.


  • Brown Starbucks napkins are amazing for blotting your face and removing excess oil and shininess.


  • .Add a few drops of contact solution to  your mascara to fix dry mascara.

.Use tooth paste on blemishes to dry them out.


.If you used to much serum in your hair and it looks a little greasy then just go through your hair with a blow-dryer to fix it.

  • If you want your foundation to last all day after you have put it on, blot your face with a tissue this will remove all the oils from the foundation and leave just the pigment on your face this will help your foundation from slipping off during the day and then continue with powder.


  • Use hair spray on a spoolie to fix your eyebrows in place.


Have a lovely week glitter bugs
And please put any tips of your own in the comments
(all images from google)  

Saturday, 26 April 2014

My current hair routine

Hello Glitter bugs! The whole curling with a flat iron has all ways been a bit iffy with me I just couldn't get the technique down so I gave up retuned to my regular curler, but a few weeks ago I don't know what pushed me to try again? but i picked up my straightener and like magic curled my hair 
and I loved loved loved they way it came out! I can do my whole head of hair in 5 minutes
by just really curling the ends or I can spend a littler more time adding curls all over 
earthier way the style will stay in my hair until I next take a shower
this has been my go-to hair style for the past month, because I can actually get my hair looking decent
in 5 minutes instead of that messy bun I always go for in a rush.
so I guess you could say I have found my holy grail              

Above is the products I use in my hair after the shower while my hair is still wet,
this leave in conditioner has become a essential for me,
it detangles my hair, makes its noticeably softer and it doubles as a heat protectant!
and I think this was £2 on sale, so its definitely something that I'm going to keep around for a while.
The hair mouse is something new that I have been trying out for the past 2 weeks
and so far I like it, its definitely is growing on me but I honestly cant remember
what my hair was like volume wise before I started using it so I don't think its anything amazing right now,
but maybe when it runs out I will notice a difference?

Now for the part you have all been waiting for! I think the thing that makes this a lot easier
is the way you hold the straightener.
use your opposite hand for what ever side your curling
so to curl the left side of your hair you would use your right hand
place your thumb on top of the straightener so your thumb is facing your ear
and continue by turning the straightener in the direction you want the curl,
and when the ends of your hair are facing down again start pulling the
straightener down your piece of hair slowly to the bottom.
I find I get more of a ringlet curl when I keep the straightener vertical while pulling it down
It sounds super easy and really it is, so I'm not sure what I was doing differently last time I tried this
But if you did it perfectly the first time I tip my hat to you! 

I hope all of you lovely readers enjoyed this post
and I hope you all have a amazing weekend!
And shoutout to a new friend of mine
go check out her blog!

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

How i clean my makeup brushes

Hello Glitter bugs!
So I don't really have a certain schedule for when I deep clean my brushes, I will do it when I feel my brushes are not working as well as they should, I will also spot clean to use a different colour,
but I wont leave it more than 2 weeks between deep cleaning them because of hygiene.
You don't want to wash them to often or they will become dry and will more likely start to shed
but if you leave them too long they don't work as well and they can
make you break out because it can become very unhygienic.
As for what to use to clean them I recommend comparing your brushes to your own hair
So shampoo is good, I like washing up liquid because it really brakes down the makeup,
and for moisture I add oil, any kind is fine 
so I use equal parts washing up liquid and oil, mix it in a bowl and let my brushes soak.

After they have soaked for a little while I start massaging the what's on the brush, just to loosen the makeup by just moving the brush in circles on the backs if my fingers, then I start rinsing it out by doing the same thing.
One thing that is very important is to never to let the water go down the feral of the brush,
the feral is metal part on the brush thats connected to the handle this is where the brush hairs are glued in to place, so its important to not get water in there, because if the water reaches the glue your brushes will start to shed. brushes can be pretty expensive because they can last a life time, you just have to take good care of them. 
so don't turn the brush upside down while the its under the water,
 you only want the brush hairs to be under the water not up the handle!
The real techniques brushes have a very long feral so you don't have to be too carful
After that I squeeze the water out of the brush and wipe it on a towel,
and try and get the brush back in to its shape. 
to avoid the moisture runing back down in to the brush, I let my bushes dry up side down on a towel or some tissue.
And where the brushes was drying there is always a large damp spot,
so I really recommend drying your brushes this way.
 I let my brushes dry over night so I can use them in the morning,

I hope you all enjoyed this post, please excuse the photo quality
I am traveling right now so I am doing the best I can
but when I get home I can use my regular camera

Monday, 21 April 2014

The best beauty finds on ebay

Hello Glitter bugs! so recently I have been going a bit eBay crazy 
and ordered a few inexpensive beauty things,
all under £5 and I was so impressed with the quality of the products considering the price
there was no way I could keep it a secret! 
So I'm sorry if your purses and wallets get a little lighter after reading this but I'm sure it wont be regrettable   
So lets get on with it! here is the best of eBay beauty! 

this is my third post for this series of ebay beauty finds,
so please feel free to have a peek at the other deals.

The best beauty finds on ebay
The best beauty finds on ebay | part 2


These are my favourite eyelashes now! they are so soft (don't feel like plastic) and you can get them in loads of styles, from supper natural to crazy dramatic. 
my favourite ones are the band less ones, these are so natural!
They are £1-£2!! So It feels stupid spending £4 on one pair of eye lashes now. 


 These are a awesome dupes for the real techniques brushes, I own both and they are just as good, I have owned my eBay ones for maybe a year and a half now, and washed them every two weeks and no shedding!
these go for £4 for a small set of them, or £1 for 1 brush. so its definitely worth giving it a try
Compared to 3 brushes for £20 and 1 brush for £10

Lipstick holder 

These are very popular on YouTube! and for some reason very expensive in stores?  
But I just love the way they look! plus they are really functional at storing/displaying makeup,
I found this lipstick holder for £2 which is a great deal!
They also had brush holders and other displays for less than £5.

 Eyelash applicator

This was less than £1 and makes my life so much easier, its great for holding the lash while placing them onto the eye and also you can use them to pinch the falsies and your eye lashes together, I find these so much easier than my tweezers because of the wide edge, so definitely a pound well spent!


You can get so many different types of these pallets on eBay, eye shadow, concealer, foundations, blushes, 
So this is a great way to build your makeup collection fast!
 These are £4-£5 which is amazing for what your getting, the pallets I received was very good quality, but I was a bit sceptical about buying makeup on eBay at first, but I just gave it a go I am very happy with them!

I hope you all give these a go and enjoyed this post
you may have to hunt a little harder to find them for the price I got them, you may even find them for less! I didn't link anything on this post in case the eBay seller stops selling, and then it would be pretty useless. 
I have a feeling I could make a little series of the awesome things I find on ebay,
so if you want more of these please let me know
go treat yourself!

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Whats in my makeup bag?

The contents of my makeup bag is all ways changing, If I have something I want to use more I will pop it in there
And I don't know if this is just me but some how I will accumulate loads of my lip products in there, and about 10 different colours of blush, because I will convince my self that I need them all, until it wont zip up any more,
And I have to go through it and take out the stuff that I don't really need in there.
And after I have done that the photo above is what I'm left with, my favourite products and my every day makeup! I hope you guys enjoy my ever so long list of what I keep in my makeup bag
1.Naked one pallet
2.NYX pallet in Merci beauoup
3.NARS blush in orgasm
4.LOREAL studio secrets primer
5.MAC studio sculpt foundation in NW15
6.LANCOME khol waterproof pencil eye liner
7.MAC mineralize skin finish natural in medium
8.MAC mineralize skin finish in soft and gentle
9.CHANEL soleil tan cream bronzer
10.LOREAL Lumi magique primer
11.MAYBELLINE super stay 10 hour gloss
12.CHANEL Vitalumiere aqua foundation
13.JORDANA best last extreme mascara
14.MAC pro long wear concealer
15.MAYBELLINE 24hr colour tattoo
16.WET AND WILD h2o proof eyeliner
17.MAC eyeliner in NC 15
18.BENIFIT LIP  benetint lip balm
19.MAYBELLINE great lash clear mascara
20.ELF eye primer
21.2TRUE eye brow pencil
And this is what my everyday makeup looks like, sometimes its less or more
depending on what I feel like doing that day 
And I purchased my makeup bag from forever21
Have a lovely day everyone!

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Liebster Award

So a lovely fellow blogger Elana has nominated my blog for the Liebster Award!
I'm really flattered that my little place on the internet is somewhere people like to visit
Its very rewarding to see people enjoying my posts and commenting considering I have only just joined the blogging community, and this is what this award is all about recognizing new bloggers
for there efforts and giving them some publicity
So again thank you to Elana! and on to the questions!


1. Provide a link back to the blogger who nominated you
2. Post 11 random facts about you
3. Answer 11 random questions set by the blogger who nominated you
4. Nominate 11 bloggers with under 200 followers for the award (excluding who nominated you) with 11 questions for them to answer
5. Let the nominees know that you have nominated them


11 Random Facts About Me

1. I love video games
2. I'm in a long distance relationship 
3. I am terrified of moths
4. I snort when I laugh
5. I suck at every sport apart from Frisbee  
6. I love macaroons to death
7. I wish I was a mermaid
8. I spend all my money on ebay
9. I have had the same best friend for 10 years
10. I'm not a belieber
11. I love really big animals


Elana's Questions 

1. Who's the most famous person you've ever met?
Cameron diaz! she was really nice, and she has THE perfect smile
2. What's your favourite television programme?
Pretty little liars hands down but when its not on the big band theory fills it shoes nicely  
3. Who's you biggest girl crush?
Taylor swift, I loved seeing her live in the o2! I cried haha
4. What did you have for breakfast this morning?
Lucky charms! another thing I wish was in England? ergghh
5. What is your most used makeup product?
My naked one pallet! I don't know how it is still intact I have had it for so long!  
6. If you were a fictional character, who would you be?
The little mermaid! but I don't think I could pull off the red hair though
7. What's your best friends name? Describe them in three words.
Kitty she's caring, innocent, and funny! 
8. Pick up the nearest book and open it on a random page. What does the 3rd word on the 5th line mean to you?
Its was my diary, and the word was expectations, and I definitely have high expectations  
9. What colour are your bedroom walls?
All white and one wall behind my bed is pink
10. Where was the last place you slept that wasn't your bed?
I am currently in Texas visiting my boyfriend
11. Who is your biggest inspiration? 
Definitely my Dad

My nominations

A lot of Elana's nominations are blogs that I would of nominated too
So that's why I have only 8 nominations
Smiee - Cup of simee
Jamie - Trying this out
Holly - hollys little thoughts

My Questions for you 

1. One beauty product that's been on your wish list for a long time, but you never got?
2. would you read the book or watch the movie?
3.would you live in LA or new York?  
4. how do you store your makeup?
5.whats your favourite piece of clothing you own? 
6. If you was stranded on a island and you had food and water, what 3 things would you want to have with you?
7. What's your biggest fear?
8. what celebrity do you dislike the most?
9. your favourite food?
10. What's some thing that you liked at first, but disliked after a while?
11. name one thing that you like about your self

I hope you all enjoyed and even if you wasn't nominated above I nominate you! its so hard to be found when your a new blogger I even found it hard to find 11 new blogs!
So don't be discouraged if you haven't got the results you want,
for the next few weeks if you follow me I will follow you back!
To support all those new bloggers out there like me!


Tuesday, 15 April 2014

First impression of the Bed Head wave artist

Today I received in the mail my new bed head deep waver! these wavers have been around for a long time now, I remember my mum doing little sections of my hair with a zig zag crimper when I was a youngster. But this waver is a lot larger and is designed to create "beachy waves"  but there was some things that I was sceptical about when I was thinking about buying this waver. I could imagine it would take double the time to do, As for a normal curler you maybe would leave your hair on the curler for 10 seconds to curl a chunk of hair, but for the waver it could take up to 40 seconds to curl the same size chunk of hair! and I know that sounds silly but it all adds up, and you could end up spending a extra 10 minutes on your hair and no one needs that!

First look

The packaging is definitely eye candy! but what is underneath is what matters, the waver itself is quite bulky
but that doesn't really bother me, feels better quality that way.
It has adjustable heat settings which is nice, A dial which has a high and low or you can put it halfway But you cant actually see what the temperature is, and it doesn't say on the box what temperature it goes up to which is weird,
it also has a lock button to keep it closed for better storage
And a light to show when the waver is turned on.

while using it

I wouldn't say you need any practice to get it right the only advise I have is lining up the waves,
By this I mean where one wave ends and you add anther one seamlessly, 
It makes it look so much more natural, and I think it would look a little odd if you didn't do that. 
Another thing I enjoyed was being able to create so much volume in my hair by putting the waver closer to my roots
And I didn't lose to much length off my hair eaither, as I tried to take bigger sections at the bottom half of my hair so they would be looser waves, and smaller sections at the top to be tighter,
I hate when your hair suddenly looks like a bob cut after curling it.
But there was something's that made it a little trickier  
The actual waver is pretty heavy so I found waving the back of my hair a little harder.
And having to hold The thing closed, close to my roots was a scary challenge at the harder to reach sections
At the back of my head .
It took about 4 minutes to heat up and it took me about 15 minutes to do my whole head
which is not as bad as I thought it would be.

  Overall thoughts

This product is defiantly something I was excited to try out, and I love the results I got from it!
They are defiantly some beachy curls with lots of volume, my curls lasted along time
The product its self is good quality and you get what you pay for but unfortunately I really don't think this product is Necessary for me, I can create almost the exact same look when I wash my hair,
Braid it, go to sleep in them, and take them out the next day. 
Also that way i can avoid using heat.
But I'm defiantly not saying I regret buying it, but what i think I will do is use the waver to touch up my hair when I use the Braiding technique, to add volume to the roots, and to make the ends wave where I you tie the end of your braid off and you have some hair that you couldn't braid. 
Ill definitely be using it again to do all of my hair It just wont be a everyday thing.
 I hope you enjoyed this post and found it interesting!
Here is the link for where I got my waver.

DIY cleanser, Cookies and Face mask with One recipe!

So this is a story I didn't think I would be sharing with all of you until I saw the results of This amazing DIY, so long story short I recently have been having bad breakouts on my chin and fore head, so I decided to ditch my regular cleanser and switch it out for one that was more targeted for fighting pimples, I'm not sure if I should name the cleanser or not because I'm sure its wasn't the cleanser because its actually a very popular cleanser, let me know if you want me to tell you? I think it was just because I have sensitive skin, but I use harsh acne creams so I thought my skin could handle it but apparently not! the next day my skin was so dry! my skin felt like sand paper.
I couldn't even move my jaw it was super painful and uncomfortable! and to make everything worse I had I lot of events coming up that I needed to wear makeup for so I went searching through the internet for something that could nurse my skin back to health. 
And I found the Oat cleanser!
I would take a handful of oats add a little water and mix it in my hand or in a bowl, and start rubbing that paste all over my face, and washing it off or I would do the same thing and add some honey and banana and make a mask out of it, the oats contain beta-glucan which penetrates deep into the skin and moisturises, oats also have amazing anti-inflammatory
anti-redness properties! and gently exfoliated my skin as well! so using this method every Morning and night I was able to get my skin back to normal in 4 days! this cleanser was a lifesaver, 
I really hope you guys try this out, even if you don't have a stupid skin reaction!

Also as a added surprise you can actually make supper yummy cookies!
2 large bananas
1 cup of  oats (quick or regular! if you use regular, I suggest chopping them a little so everything holds together better)

Mix those two together
You can also add some other things if you would like:
-chocolate chips

Since all bananas are different sizes, the needed measurements can vary. If it seems too runny and the cookies would flatten out too much, add in more oatmeal. And make sure to not add in TOO many mix-ins as the cookies won’t hold together very well.

I made 16 cookies with those measurements. I cook them at 170 fan for 15 minutes on a GREASED cookie sheet. Don’t forget the greased part…. I did once and had to scrub my pan forever.

Hope you all enjoy and found this helpful

The little things in life

So this is just a little reminder to show you that the little things in life are the things that really matter!
like helping a stranger out or saying "hey" to someone who needs a friend, little things like this are the things that should keep the world going not money or fame,
Have you ever had a really bad day? of course you have.
 And some one can do the smallest thing and sometimes not even realise it, like letting you go in front of them in a line, something small or big and it just puts a smile on your face and then you say to your self 
"you just made my day!" 

So here is your mission for today after you have read this i want you to just do some thing for someone else could be the smallest thing smile at a stranger, do some work around the house without being asked, anything you can think of  
to make someone's day or just make it a little easier
So your probably still wondering why there is macaroons above, well i was having one of those days, you know the ones we was talking about earlier the really shity ones well yeah.
So i was sitting at home having had a bad morning and i get a text from my Mum saying "look in the fridge" i did...and i found these! and with just the sight of macaroons i had completely forgot what i was sad about! (I really really love macaroons btw) and that made my day!

So the moral of this story is that life is about the little things that you get, the free things (well not all ways free, a new mascara can easily put a smile to my face haha) but learning to appreciate those things without having to think about it,
you and every one around you will be a lot happier   

but just put your self out there and make someone's day

Monday, 14 April 2014

My favourite online stores

recently online shopping has become an often thing for me, because it is so much easier when you don't feel like shuffling through crowds, hunting down a perfect dress, walking from store to store when you could just sit at home, curled up with a hot chocolate and in a couple of clicks there is a selection of dresses in the exact shade of pink you were looking for! i think i have made my point:)
so i am giving you the pleasure of my lovely's a list of all the places on the interwebs i spend all my money

This site is perfect! you can buy high end to low end beauty products for so much cheaper! what more can I say? its a make up fanatics dream right?! they add new discounts every day, so this is one to check out.

I love this website is sells makeup products from £1.50 yeah i said that! and don't get scared away of the price thinking it must be really bad quality but obviously i haven't tried everything but all the things i have, i have loved and if i gave it to you with no price tag you would think they are tripple the price.

This is an all round amazing place to shop for clothes because it always has new trends in stock right away and also it dose amazing dupes! for example you could by something in topshop for £30 and buy the EXACT same thing for £10 so i all ways check there first before splurging.

I know this is a kinda obvious but this deserves a spot on my list you can buy anything from this site and its so flexible and you pretty much can find anything your looking for.

  so etzy is like a more creative ebay, it is basically where people who make amazing things from jewellery, home decor to costers the possibilities are endless and its all made by really creative people which is awesome:D

This may sound really weird to some of you, but forever 21 is really new to England so i am obviously in love with it, i basically love everything...yeah i think i have said enough.

so asos is a new discovery of mine and from what i have seen it is in my good books this site basically sells high end clothes for cheeper how can you not love that!.

so that is my list of all my favourite online sites i hope you find them useful:)
and no one can deny that getting a package in the mail is exciting haha 

5 Uses for one product!

Who knew Translucent powder could be so versatile! and so cheap too I love the Elf HD setting powder for all of these tricks and its a great way to get more out of you money so with out further a do here is 5 ways to use your translucent powder

Undo mistakes

You can use your translucent powder to tone down overdone blush or bronzer, just take some of your powder and buff it over the area, because your using translucent it wont add any more colour or coverage.

Smoke up your eyes

Line your upper lash in with a black pencil liner, then take the powder on a small brush and smudge your line out to create smouldering cat eye.

Lips that last

Once you have finished putting on your liner and lipstick, blot your lips with a tissue and reapply your lipstick,
Then load up your brush with your powder and powder your lips for a perfect matt pout all night.

Build your mascara to the max

Apply your first coat of mascara as normal then while its drying, dip your finger in your powder and just tap it on you lashes and then keep applying and adding powder in layers for super thick dramatic lashes


Pore less all night

For a perfect pore less complexion apply your regular foundation, then with a powder puff loaded with your powder, press and roll the puff along the skin and then take a powder brush a dust off any excess this crates a barrier on the skin so your foundation wont move all night
I hope you all enjoyed!
Here is a coupon code for $5 off any purchase at
coupon code:BDAYFIVE

Welcome to the Glitter berry!

I know its not much yet but give it some time and we will have something awesome going on here so stay tuned! and for the meanwhile Glitter Berry is under construction!
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