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The blogger

Aloha! how ever you may of found my little place on the internet, I hope you like it,
And I hope its pink and girly to your liking! My names Bryony or Bryon what ever you fancy, I'm 18 years young and a little Obsessed with makeup, hair, fashion,
Any thing creative basically!

How the blog started

So if you are wondering how this blog came along its a very short story, my older sister had a blog when she was my age, she wrote about her life at the time So I thought I would give it a go and put my own spin on it.

How I got the name

So some of you might of catched on to this, but its actually a drink that comes out at Christmas time by J2o  its called "Glitter Berry!" I thought the name was really cute so...Ta! Da!  
Me: Bryony Todd
Nicknames: brybry, bryon, Bdog, B
Birthday: 14th sep 1997
Place of Birth: England, brighton
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Male or Female: Female
Occupation: college
Residence: Brighton
Screen Name: Glitter Berry


Hair Colour: blonde
Hair Length: shoulder length
Eye colour: green\blue
Best Feature: Eyes I think
Height: 5ft 10"?..im pretty tall
Braces?: not any more whoo!!!
Glasses?: Big hipster ones haha, only when i'm on a computer
Piercing: Ears and belly button
Tattoos: yes any many more to come!
Righty or Lefty: Lefty!

Your 'Firsts':

First best friend: my chummy kitty (kitty is her name btw)
First Award: a baby beauty pageant   
First Sport You Joined: ballet...never again
First Real Vacation: Caribbean
First Concert: miley cyrus/hannah Montana
First Love: pizza


Movie: little mermaid for life!
TV Show: pretty little liars<3,  
Colours: pastel colours <3
Song:changes alot! 
Candy: avocados and macaroons!!
Restaurant: any buffet
Store: forever 21 and eBay!!
School: Hogwarts
Book: Anything I can relate to
Magazine: seventeen & Glamour
Shoes: Nikes or converse


Feeling: happy \tired
Single or Taken: single
Eating: leftovers:/
Typing: This..
Online: yes?..
Listening To: watching TV
Thinking About: "I should probably microwave this"
Wanting: for family guy to come on TV
Watching: The computer screen
Wearing: a dress and a jumper over the top


Want Children?: Of course. I'm excited to have them one day :)
Want to be Married: Yeah but to the right guy!
Careers in Mind: something in makeup
Where do you want to live?: Texas y'all


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  1. wow your blog is amazing! You have a good sense of style and your photos are gorgeous!:)
    If you want to visit me:


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