Monday, 5 September 2016

Lime crime fakes | review

Ever since liquid lipsticks became a big thing they have been the only thing on my lips!
But sadly most liquid lipsticks that are good quality are not cheap.
Fake products can be quite controversial and a lot of people have negative opinions,
But i thought i would give them a go and i ended up loving these lipsticks.



The most important qualities of a liquid lipstick for me is long wearing, lightweight and being able to layer it and these tick all the boxes. 
I don't have a original to compare but as far as i had seen from photos i couldn't tell much difference in packaging. I wasn't really looking to find a exact dupe for lime crime lipsticks, I wanted to judge these lipsticks as there own thing entirely but the fact that they are packaged to look like something more expensive is a big bonus, and could be the only reason you'll want to buy these lipsticks. 
They are very long wearing and dry fairly quick, i do find myself having to touch up just the center of my lips a few times a day which i can deal with. one thing i enjoy about these is that i can apply a few coats without it going clumpy and these babies dry completely so no stickiness!

Really the only negative thing i have to say is some of the darker colours can come out a tad patchy so iv not really been wearing those too much.
There is a crazy amount of colours to choose from, neutrals to a mint green one i have seen!
You have to keep the in mind the price, they won't be the best liquid lipsticks you will ever try but for £1-5 they are damn good and i reach for these all the time.
The really big benefit of buying these is you can really build your collection fast and have lots of options of colors with very little cash.
You can find them on ebay just type in lime crime, i really recommend you give these a try! 


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