Monday, 31 August 2015

My Vacation | Best surprise ever

This week has been utterly unforgeable, My family had been planning this vacation for weeks
 and i couldn't of been more excited but, 
When i arrived at LAX airport i had no idea that my best friend of 12 years would jump out from behind me and would be joining me on a vacation of a life time.
It was a surprise they had all been hiding from me for months now!

After i had come to grips with the fact that my best friend was standing next
to me in LA, we was straight on the road! we started in LA then Disneyland and for the
last few days we went to Las Vegas!

Thank you so much for looking through my vacation photos  
I hope you all enjoyed, please let me know what you think in the comments  

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Make someone's day

So this is just a little post show you that the little things in life are the things that matter
Everyone will remember a big event in there life something that you can look back in photos, but the really small things that happen every day that leave you feeling warm hearted and tingly inside,
Those are the small priceless moments that make the world go round.

Have you ever had a really bad day, or even worse, feeling sad but not knowing why?
of course you have, Well one day i was having one of those very emotional days where i
can't quite put my finger on what had me feeling this sad, 
 All of a sudden i get a text from my mum saying ''check the fridge'' 
I muster up the willpower to crawl out of my duvet cocoon i had made myself to sulk in
and reach the fridge, inside i see some beautifully packaged macarons
(btw they are my favorite thing on the planet and i don't have them often) 
And as quick as my jaw dropped to the floor i had forgot that i was feeling down at all. 

I have never forgot that little memory because it reminds me that making someones day 
is my favorite thing to do, whether its something so small like holding a door open,
Or helping the elderly on the bus, A small gesture like that can make someone's day 
or just make them smile.

 Imagine if every person out there did something selfless each day how much better 
this world could be, so my challenge is for you today and for as long as you can
do something once a day to help another, 
with no thought of personal gain, and i promise you in the long run you will gain the most.   

I really do ramble on but i hope you liked what i had to say,
go and make someones day!

Thursday, 20 August 2015

The best beauty finds on ebay | part 2

I spend far too much money and time on ebay,
I do class myself as a professional "ebayer" you could call it my superpower, 
And somethings now it pains me a little to buy them in stores,
when i know how cheap i could find them on ebay.  
So today i thought i would share my wisdom with you all on my best ebay finds.

I also have a post on some more ebay beauty finds,
so please feel free to have a peek. 


The options on ebay for bikinis are endless and the prices are even better!
They normally range from £6-£10 which is great if you're wanting to stock up on
some really cute ones for summer! plus this triangle dupe is amazing! 

Phone cases

I'm so obsessed with buying phone cases! and ebay is the perfect place to
go crazy but not hurt my bank balance to much.
I hate to see people buying phone cases from those crazy expensive stands in the mall  
when you can get the same cases for £0.99-£5.

Bobby pins

I used to have the same struggle with these babies but now i have enough 
for every single one of you, i bought a pack of 300 for £5 
bobby pins for days. 

Nail accessories 

You can buy almost any kind of nail art tool or decorations you can think of on ebay
and its so cheap! one of these wheels are normally £1.50.
I also bought a full at home nail acrylic kit for £10 which saves so much money!

I hope you like this little series of all my best ebay goodies,
Because i love making them. 
here are some more great deals from ebay!


Keeping a planner

Organization has never been something i'm good at, and especially not something i enjoy doing! 
But having a planner by my side recently, and really committing to keeping a planner 
 has made my life organized and stress free. 
 The decoration process is what really makes it easy to keep on top of daily tasks
Plus not gonna lie, its what keeps my planner in use because i love looking at it
And its become something i really look forward to, 
sitting down, decorating my planner and organizing my life once a week.

I keep my daily to-do's, tasks and weekly and monthly goals all displayed 
in a way that is eye catching and a perfect fit for me.

pros to keeping a planner 

.Keep organized daily 
.Keep on top of school work
.Remember amazing memories
.Keep track of fitness goals
.Making your planner beautiful 

There is a big community out there on the interwebs that plan like this
and if you are familiar with this trend or if i have just introduced you to the world of planning, 
I hope you enjoy!

Here is my planner, it's a lilly pulitzer agenda and i love it! it has some really cute little designs
and stickers that come with it, so its great if your just getting into planning. 
 I've also personalized it with my monogram to make it a little more unique.   

 Planner stickers like this are what make it so much easier to keep organized,
 You can get stickers of almost anything now,
 For example, if you do say karati once a week there's a sticker for it!
I get most of my stickers from Etsy, and they are pretty affordable.
Also from some craft stores have great things to decorate with.
You can also decorate with washi tape, drawings and home made stickers.

If your enjoyed this post and you want to know more,
here are some of my favorite planner videos and channels for inspiration.
Also some of my favorite etsy stores to buy from!

Youtube channels 

Etsy stores


I really hope you enjoyed and would like me to make more posts about planning/planners
have a beautiful weekend glitter bugs!

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

My week

Things that made my week great

.Tan lines
.Green tea
.Orange sunlight
.Serious shopping
.My bed head hair waver
.Movies, duvets and snacks

This week was a little too indulgent, i feel like iv spoiled myself with 
eating out and shopping! mostly online shopping curled up with a duvet, 
But if you could see the pile of packages iv got in the corner of my room,
Needless to say iv done some damage, 
Its all because next week i'm going to california so 
im using that as a excuse for now.

But apart from my shopping frenzy this week has felt super productive
Iv started my planner up again that's made a whole lot of a difference.
(id love to do a post about my planner, let me know if you would like that)
I've also been trying to counterbalance my naughty dinners out with
a green tea morning and night, and keeping a water bottle by my side,
I can already tell a difference in my skin, and health over all 
so really recommend that to all of you.   

makeup and hair

 This week iv been loving my bed head deep waver! 
Iv not really been showing this one much love this past year, 
But i wanted to try something new and im obsessed with my hair like this, 
Its just more volume than i know what to do with and i love it!
I do have a little review / first impressions of this waver here.

Makeup this week iv been feeling a little lazy, 
plus my hair is kind taking the spotlight!
I've been loving just running my everyday face bronzer over my lids, 
and doing a perfect wing eyeliner. 

For the lips, i like to line them with a colour close to my natural lip colour,
Its perfect for every day while still looking glamorous! 

Sunday, 16 August 2015

20 facts about me

Hey everyone so today i have something a little different,
 i really want you guys to feel like you know me and what better way to do that than with a video! 

Thank you for watching and feel free to hit subscribe if you should 
feel the need to! because i will be posting more videos in the future!

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Room inspiration | pinterest board

Whenever i decide i want to start a new project, hobbie or diet, without a doubt there will be 
a pinterest board to go along with it.

And my newest project is getting my room up to tumbler perfection, 
Before i hit the stores or get my DIY gloves on, pinterest is the place to go!
And if room decor gets you as excited and wide eyed like it does me, well your going to
have a whale of a time with this post!

Please feel free to come and follow me on pinterest to see 
what the inside of my head looks like basically. 

Hope you all enjoyed, and also have a better idea of my style!
Have a beautiful day glitter bugs!

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