Tuesday, 22 April 2014

How i clean my makeup brushes

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So I don't really have a certain schedule for when I deep clean my brushes, I will do it when I feel my brushes are not working as well as they should, I will also spot clean to use a different colour,
but I wont leave it more than 2 weeks between deep cleaning them because of hygiene.
You don't want to wash them to often or they will become dry and will more likely start to shed
but if you leave them too long they don't work as well and they can
make you break out because it can become very unhygienic.
As for what to use to clean them I recommend comparing your brushes to your own hair
So shampoo is good, I like washing up liquid because it really brakes down the makeup,
and for moisture I add oil, any kind is fine 
so I use equal parts washing up liquid and oil, mix it in a bowl and let my brushes soak.

After they have soaked for a little while I start massaging the what's on the brush, just to loosen the makeup by just moving the brush in circles on the backs if my fingers, then I start rinsing it out by doing the same thing.
One thing that is very important is to never to let the water go down the feral of the brush,
the feral is metal part on the brush thats connected to the handle this is where the brush hairs are glued in to place, so its important to not get water in there, because if the water reaches the glue your brushes will start to shed. brushes can be pretty expensive because they can last a life time, you just have to take good care of them. 
so don't turn the brush upside down while the its under the water,
 you only want the brush hairs to be under the water not up the handle!
The real techniques brushes have a very long feral so you don't have to be too carful
After that I squeeze the water out of the brush and wipe it on a towel,
and try and get the brush back in to its shape. 
to avoid the moisture runing back down in to the brush, I let my bushes dry up side down on a towel or some tissue.
And where the brushes was drying there is always a large damp spot,
so I really recommend drying your brushes this way.
 I let my brushes dry over night so I can use them in the morning,

I hope you all enjoyed this post, please excuse the photo quality
I am traveling right now so I am doing the best I can
but when I get home I can use my regular camera


  1. Great tips! I definitely need to do this soon to my brushes. Thanks for the reminder.
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  2. Great tips I am going to start doing this! :)


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  5. Oh I have to wash my brushes! Thanks for the reminder!


    1. I can relate I love doing my makeup with clean brushes <3

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  7. Thanks for reminding me to clean my brushes! I have been looking for a new method, I will give this one a shot! You're blog is great...I just followed!

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  11. Great post! I need to clean mine more often.

  12. Hi dear, and thank you for your nice comment in my blog! Of course I will follow :) You have such a great blog! And so true, cleaning brushes, very important. That´s a good tip, when I was doing make up´s as pro, i used only soap :D That was because I was so busy every day, cleaning and etc. I also had to buy more often then... ;) Great post!
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  16. Great tips for cleaning brushes, I need to clean mine badly, lol!


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