Thursday, 20 August 2015

Keeping a planner

Organization has never been something i'm good at, and especially not something i enjoy doing! 
But having a planner by my side recently, and really committing to keeping a planner 
 has made my life organized and stress free. 
 The decoration process is what really makes it easy to keep on top of daily tasks
Plus not gonna lie, its what keeps my planner in use because i love looking at it
And its become something i really look forward to, 
sitting down, decorating my planner and organizing my life once a week.

I keep my daily to-do's, tasks and weekly and monthly goals all displayed 
in a way that is eye catching and a perfect fit for me.

pros to keeping a planner 

.Keep organized daily 
.Keep on top of school work
.Remember amazing memories
.Keep track of fitness goals
.Making your planner beautiful 

There is a big community out there on the interwebs that plan like this
and if you are familiar with this trend or if i have just introduced you to the world of planning, 
I hope you enjoy!

Here is my planner, it's a lilly pulitzer agenda and i love it! it has some really cute little designs
and stickers that come with it, so its great if your just getting into planning. 
 I've also personalized it with my monogram to make it a little more unique.   

 Planner stickers like this are what make it so much easier to keep organized,
 You can get stickers of almost anything now,
 For example, if you do say karati once a week there's a sticker for it!
I get most of my stickers from Etsy, and they are pretty affordable.
Also from some craft stores have great things to decorate with.
You can also decorate with washi tape, drawings and home made stickers.

If your enjoyed this post and you want to know more,
here are some of my favorite planner videos and channels for inspiration.
Also some of my favorite etsy stores to buy from!

Youtube channels 

Etsy stores


I really hope you enjoyed and would like me to make more posts about planning/planners
have a beautiful weekend glitter bugs!

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