Thursday, 20 August 2015

The best beauty finds on ebay | part 2

I spend far too much money and time on ebay,
I do class myself as a professional "ebayer" you could call it my superpower, 
And somethings now it pains me a little to buy them in stores,
when i know how cheap i could find them on ebay.  
So today i thought i would share my wisdom with you all on my best ebay finds.

I also have a post on some more ebay beauty finds,
so please feel free to have a peek. 


The options on ebay for bikinis are endless and the prices are even better!
They normally range from £6-£10 which is great if you're wanting to stock up on
some really cute ones for summer! plus this triangle dupe is amazing! 

Phone cases

I'm so obsessed with buying phone cases! and ebay is the perfect place to
go crazy but not hurt my bank balance to much.
I hate to see people buying phone cases from those crazy expensive stands in the mall  
when you can get the same cases for £0.99-£5.

Bobby pins

I used to have the same struggle with these babies but now i have enough 
for every single one of you, i bought a pack of 300 for £5 
bobby pins for days. 

Nail accessories 

You can buy almost any kind of nail art tool or decorations you can think of on ebay
and its so cheap! one of these wheels are normally £1.50.
I also bought a full at home nail acrylic kit for £10 which saves so much money!

I hope you like this little series of all my best ebay goodies,
Because i love making them. 
here are some more great deals from ebay!


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