Monday, 21 April 2014

The best beauty finds on ebay

Hello Glitter bugs! so recently I have been going a bit eBay crazy 
and ordered a few inexpensive beauty things,
all under £5 and I was so impressed with the quality of the products considering the price
there was no way I could keep it a secret! 
So I'm sorry if your purses and wallets get a little lighter after reading this but I'm sure it wont be regrettable   
So lets get on with it! here is the best of eBay beauty! 

this is my third post for this series of ebay beauty finds,
so please feel free to have a peek at the other deals.

The best beauty finds on ebay
The best beauty finds on ebay | part 2


These are my favourite eyelashes now! they are so soft (don't feel like plastic) and you can get them in loads of styles, from supper natural to crazy dramatic. 
my favourite ones are the band less ones, these are so natural!
They are £1-£2!! So It feels stupid spending £4 on one pair of eye lashes now. 


 These are a awesome dupes for the real techniques brushes, I own both and they are just as good, I have owned my eBay ones for maybe a year and a half now, and washed them every two weeks and no shedding!
these go for £4 for a small set of them, or £1 for 1 brush. so its definitely worth giving it a try
Compared to 3 brushes for £20 and 1 brush for £10

Lipstick holder 

These are very popular on YouTube! and for some reason very expensive in stores?  
But I just love the way they look! plus they are really functional at storing/displaying makeup,
I found this lipstick holder for £2 which is a great deal!
They also had brush holders and other displays for less than £5.

 Eyelash applicator

This was less than £1 and makes my life so much easier, its great for holding the lash while placing them onto the eye and also you can use them to pinch the falsies and your eye lashes together, I find these so much easier than my tweezers because of the wide edge, so definitely a pound well spent!


You can get so many different types of these pallets on eBay, eye shadow, concealer, foundations, blushes, 
So this is a great way to build your makeup collection fast!
 These are £4-£5 which is amazing for what your getting, the pallets I received was very good quality, but I was a bit sceptical about buying makeup on eBay at first, but I just gave it a go I am very happy with them!

I hope you all give these a go and enjoyed this post
you may have to hunt a little harder to find them for the price I got them, you may even find them for less! I didn't link anything on this post in case the eBay seller stops selling, and then it would be pretty useless. 
I have a feeling I could make a little series of the awesome things I find on ebay,
so if you want more of these please let me know
go treat yourself!


  1. love the eyelashes!! great finds! would you like to follow each other on gfc, bloglovin, and facebook? let me know!

    keep in touch!



  2. following you now on gfc and bloglovin :)

  3. great post!! I loved everything you bought!! I've been thinking of buying that set of brushes because I've heard good reviews about them! Nice palette too!! :)

    1. I really recommend the brushes! the prices are so good<3

  4. Lovely post, it reminds me I want to get some colourful brushes too. Let me know if you'd like to follow each other.

  5. Thank you, I followed you back ;)

  6. What are those ebay technique brushes called? I have to get some!
    paige x
    the joys of being paige x

    1. I just looked up makeup brushes, they are not allowed to call them "real techniques fakes" so you have to do a little hunting good luck<3

    2. Found them but I can't tell whether it contains a foundation brush. Does it?

  7. You have an amazing blog. I love all the little detail you put into it. Please check out my blog and we can follow each other!

    1. thank you very much!! I just followed you back<3

  8. I cannot explain how helpful this post was! Absolutely loved it and your other posts! Keep up the fab work😊
    Follow for follow?

    1. thank you very much! I just followed you<3


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