Tuesday, 11 August 2015

A letter to 15 year old me

If you could go back to your awkward school days and tell yourself what you know now, 
what would you say?
Because i know exactly what i would say, i know im only 18 and not exactly a wise owl 
just yet, but i feel worlds away from the person i was 4 years ago.

If only i could of had these pieces of advise when i was that age...well
It would of made my life a whole lot easier, and saved a lot of awkward situations. 
So if you are still in that lovely stage called puberty and 
you stumble upon this post, please feel free to apply some of 
my advise to your own life, and i hope it helps!
because we have all been there and felt how you feel at some point.    

Stop caring 

One of the best things that has happened to me in the last 4 years is that
I stopped caring so much, and the more important realization that other people really don't
care that much either, if you're walking round a store with no makeup on
and some pjs that can kinda pass for normal clothes, 
I can promise you you're the only one who really cares, 
and the only one who is really judging you is yourself
 and if you can learn to not judge your self, and not care what other people think
 Of you, you're pretty much invincible.

Its whats on the inside that matters 

When i was in school i would treat each day like i was about to appear at london fashion week
because i was so shy i thought i could hide behind the mask i would wake up
at 6am everyday to put on, i was more concerned about the way i looked
than the words that would come out of my mouth.
 fast forward to today i will happily sit with no makeup on and talk to
whoever walks by, because at some point i realised that a vivid and bubbly personality is much more valuable than just a pretty face.


Grades matter

At the time i went through my GCSEs 
It felt like i had a million other things that was more important,
And not that i got bad grades i knew i did not do my best and that's not a nice feeling,
knowing you didn't do your best.
You have about 2 years of your life in school that your education really matters
so for those 2 years do your very best and no matter what happens you
will have no regrets.

Thank you all for listening glitter bugs!
I thought i would insert a awkward picture of me when i was fifteen, the biggest thing that makes me cringe about this photo is that i would do a whole face of make up, and not do my eyebrows...
Have a amazing day and what ever your doing today do you best.  



  1. So glad to see you are blogging again! I really like this post. I am still in high school, but if I had to go back to day one I would tell myself to not think too much about trying to fit in.

    1. So am i! thank you so much for this comment it actually made my day! :D

  2. As a fifteen year old girl, I actually found this letter really helpful :)

    1. It makes it all worth while to hear that i'm actually helping some one, thank you so much :D

  3. This is a lovely post, I would have said the similar things to 15 years old me :) x



Thank you so much for your lovely comments!

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