Thursday, 28 August 2014

My top 3 celebrity perfumes

Hello glitter bugs! please excuse my disappearance, i have just returned from a wonderful family holiday 
Sun, sea, beaches but no wifi...
But today i want to reward your patience with a little blog post about 
My favorite celeb perfumes,
So many people have complimented me on when i am sporting these jems
so its only fair to share with you all.

Fantasy | By Britney spears

I have owned this perfume longer than the others but my love for it still grows,
To me from the bottle it smells like cupcakes, a very warm sweet scent
But when i spray it on, a deep musky smell develops
In the best way possible, you know that musky smell thats in guys perfume
Which us girls love!
Its like that but still girly and sweet. 

Fame | by Lady Gaga

This is a very mature smell, 
It has that dark musky smell but still sweet in its own way
Its smells fruity but its not overly powerful
I love this bottle out of them all
And no its not the bottle thats black its the perfume itself 
But becomes clear when airborne!

Wonderstruck | by Taylor Swift

This perfume is fruity and sweet but has this warmth to it
Similar to the fantasy perfume, its a pretty mature scent but still girly
Not going to lie this being made my Taylor Swift makes me biased
But it is one of my faves.

I hope you girls enjoyed and have a wonderful rest of your week


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  5. Ich liebe das Parfum von Britney Spears, das riecht so gut

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