Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Real Techniques BOLD METALS

I didn't know i could have such strong feelings about makeup brushes 
until i laid my eyes on these puppies, These are real techniques new luxury line of brushes
called Bold metals, These brushes was released in january of this year so i know 
i'm a little late on the trend, but i only just discovered these brushes about a month ago
And since have collected all but one of them, i'm actually obsessed and could not
contain the urge to do a post and a little review on these brushes

These brushes range from £25 to the cheapest at £10 which is not a huge leap from the 
original real techniques brush line, also i would easily compare these brushes 
to my mac and other high end brushes which makes them seem cheap 
compared to my mac brushes that are priced at £50.

Obviously when it comes to looks these brushes take the cake, i love how on each
brush there is a gradual fade from the color of the handle,
But those beautiful elongated handles are actually weighted
to make application easier and to add the that luxury feel to the brushes.

The handle is also shaped like a diamond so when your doing your makeup
and you lay your brush down it wont roll, which seems like such a small detail but
actually iv become to really appreciate.

My favorite brush from the collection has to be the arched powder brush, 
which is the largest out of them all, this brush is just so soft and i find it just powders
and sets my makeup beautifully

Heres a little link to where you can 
buy these beauties

I hope you enjoyed my little ramble of my thoughts on these already popular brushes
Thank you all for reading glitter bugs

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