Wednesday, 30 April 2014

preparing for your special day

Whatever it may be, a prom, a wedding, my neighbors sisters friends baby shower,  any formal occasion i jump at the chance to go to! any excuse to wear a fancy dress, beautiful makeup, with the heels and the diamond earrings and your hair pined in a elegant side bun I LOVE DRESSING UP! i wish it was acceptable
to wear this every day, if only i was born in 1925 i would be so much happier
of course if i was born then i wouldn't be able to share with you all of my lovely advice
for making the most of your occasion and how to avoid the stressful moments 

prepare for the worst

Preparing for your event is so important, having your appointments booked in advance is all ways smart no matter what, but something a lot of people don't think about is having trial run before the day, 
for your hair, makeup and very importantly if your having a spray tan! 
Paying a good amount of money to have a spray tan done and you come out like a carrot!  
it would be a funny story but, on the day it would be the end of the world.
So thinking ahead definitely pays off,  

Say yes to the dress

having the perfect outfit is cherry on the cake but sacrificing comfort i wont settle for,
I wont wear it if i have to keep pulling it up or down and high heels that cripple you I cant see any shoe being worth it
So Ladies the floor length dress is your best friend!
not only are these super comfortable they are very flattering,
being loose around the bits you may want to hide and tight around your bust 
these are my personal Favourite dresses for events and you could be bare foot and no one would know!
but if you did want height go for wedges, they are so much comfier. Have been so kind and are giving us a exclusive sneak peak at there new prom line full of amazing outfits for all of your events the maxi dresses and the rompers are my personal favourite out of this line, they are comfy and can be dressed up beautifully and if you are looking for some accessories to complete your outfit they have you covered and it wont break the bank like some high street stores.           


On a budget

Picking something that you really want to spurge on whether it be the dress or you want your hair and makeup done professionally is a good place to start, because things like nails, makeup, hair, tanning, these things can all be done at home with the things you already own, so if your tempted to spend money getting all of these extras done professionally just pick the most important thing to you and try and save money in every thing else. for me I wanted to
invest in my dress, so i did my nails, hair and makeup myself.
i even made me and my boyfriends corsage and boutonniere that would of cost another $100, so that's $100 that I got to spend on my dress instead


The day before   

Today is the day for pampering! so face masks, home manicures, this is even better
with a group of friends that are going with you, just relax and get excited
Depending on what your event is get everything ready so the day can move smoothly
So lay out your outfit and set reminders for your appointments
 make a little to-do list of what you need to do
at what time so you can be ready and every thing done for when
the time of your occasion rolls around.

Prom season is among us
my prom is this Saturday!!!
I hope your special day goes smoothly and you enjoy every moment
(this post was not sponsored nor did I receive anything for writing this)



  1. I think it's so awesome that you made your own corsage and boutonniere, I wish I would have thought of that for my own prom. They look great!

    1. thank you very much!! they wasn't to hard to do<3

  2. lovely dresses...!!
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  3. i love the first dress and i wish i could have thought of making my own corsage like you. i am excited for you cos i am remember my prom clearly. But thanx for stopping by my blog as well and would love for us to follow each other so i am now following you so looking forwards to hearing from you again :)

    Issie xox

    1. thank you very much!! Im very excited for my prom!
      I followed you back<3

  4. the flowers are amazing! you are so talented!! and the dress is so pretty!
    sure wanna follow each other - following on GFC (rosita bizerman), wait for you:)

    1. thank you! I followed you back<3

  5. So glad I stumbled upon your blog! Great tips for prom! & I think it's wonderful that you made your own corsage + boutonniere. :)

  6. Great post! The outfits are amazing! :) By the way, you have a nice blog! Would you like to follow each other to stay in touch? Just let me know on my blog! That would be really awesome! :)

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  7. Boo hoo do have a great range, lovely post, xoxo.

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