Monday, 14 April 2014

My favourite online stores

recently online shopping has become an often thing for me, because it is so much easier when you don't feel like shuffling through crowds, hunting down a perfect dress, walking from store to store when you could just sit at home, curled up with a hot chocolate and in a couple of clicks there is a selection of dresses in the exact shade of pink you were looking for! i think i have made my point:)
so i am giving you the pleasure of my lovely's a list of all the places on the interwebs i spend all my money

This site is perfect! you can buy high end to low end beauty products for so much cheaper! what more can I say? its a make up fanatics dream right?! they add new discounts every day, so this is one to check out.

I love this website is sells makeup products from £1.50 yeah i said that! and don't get scared away of the price thinking it must be really bad quality but obviously i haven't tried everything but all the things i have, i have loved and if i gave it to you with no price tag you would think they are tripple the price.

This is an all round amazing place to shop for clothes because it always has new trends in stock right away and also it dose amazing dupes! for example you could by something in topshop for £30 and buy the EXACT same thing for £10 so i all ways check there first before splurging.

I know this is a kinda obvious but this deserves a spot on my list you can buy anything from this site and its so flexible and you pretty much can find anything your looking for.

  so etzy is like a more creative ebay, it is basically where people who make amazing things from jewellery, home decor to costers the possibilities are endless and its all made by really creative people which is awesome:D

This may sound really weird to some of you, but forever 21 is really new to England so i am obviously in love with it, i basically love everything...yeah i think i have said enough.

so asos is a new discovery of mine and from what i have seen it is in my good books this site basically sells high end clothes for cheeper how can you not love that!.

so that is my list of all my favourite online sites i hope you find them useful:)
and no one can deny that getting a package in the mail is exciting haha 

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