Tuesday, 15 April 2014

First impression of the Bed Head wave artist

Today I received in the mail my new bed head deep waver! these wavers have been around for a long time now, I remember my mum doing little sections of my hair with a zig zag crimper when I was a youngster. But this waver is a lot larger and is designed to create "beachy waves"  but there was some things that I was sceptical about when I was thinking about buying this waver. I could imagine it would take double the time to do, As for a normal curler you maybe would leave your hair on the curler for 10 seconds to curl a chunk of hair, but for the waver it could take up to 40 seconds to curl the same size chunk of hair! and I know that sounds silly but it all adds up, and you could end up spending a extra 10 minutes on your hair and no one needs that!

First look

The packaging is definitely eye candy! but what is underneath is what matters, the waver itself is quite bulky
but that doesn't really bother me, feels better quality that way.
It has adjustable heat settings which is nice, A dial which has a high and low or you can put it halfway But you cant actually see what the temperature is, and it doesn't say on the box what temperature it goes up to which is weird,
it also has a lock button to keep it closed for better storage
And a light to show when the waver is turned on.

while using it

I wouldn't say you need any practice to get it right the only advise I have is lining up the waves,
By this I mean where one wave ends and you add anther one seamlessly, 
It makes it look so much more natural, and I think it would look a little odd if you didn't do that. 
Another thing I enjoyed was being able to create so much volume in my hair by putting the waver closer to my roots
And I didn't lose to much length off my hair eaither, as I tried to take bigger sections at the bottom half of my hair so they would be looser waves, and smaller sections at the top to be tighter,
I hate when your hair suddenly looks like a bob cut after curling it.
But there was something's that made it a little trickier  
The actual waver is pretty heavy so I found waving the back of my hair a little harder.
And having to hold The thing closed, close to my roots was a scary challenge at the harder to reach sections
At the back of my head .
It took about 4 minutes to heat up and it took me about 15 minutes to do my whole head
which is not as bad as I thought it would be.

  Overall thoughts

This product is defiantly something I was excited to try out, and I love the results I got from it!
They are defiantly some beachy curls with lots of volume, my curls lasted along time
The product its self is good quality and you get what you pay for but unfortunately I really don't think this product is Necessary for me, I can create almost the exact same look when I wash my hair,
Braid it, go to sleep in them, and take them out the next day. 
Also that way i can avoid using heat.
But I'm defiantly not saying I regret buying it, but what i think I will do is use the waver to touch up my hair when I use the Braiding technique, to add volume to the roots, and to make the ends wave where I you tie the end of your braid off and you have some hair that you couldn't braid. 
Ill definitely be using it again to do all of my hair It just wont be a everyday thing.
 I hope you enjoyed this post and found it interesting!
Here is the link for where I got my waver.


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  2. Omgg your hair looks so good! I really need to invest in one of the crimpers :D
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