Monday, 14 April 2014

5 Uses for one product!

Who knew Translucent powder could be so versatile! and so cheap too I love the Elf HD setting powder for all of these tricks and its a great way to get more out of you money so with out further a do here is 5 ways to use your translucent powder

Undo mistakes

You can use your translucent powder to tone down overdone blush or bronzer, just take some of your powder and buff it over the area, because your using translucent it wont add any more colour or coverage.

Smoke up your eyes

Line your upper lash in with a black pencil liner, then take the powder on a small brush and smudge your line out to create smouldering cat eye.

Lips that last

Once you have finished putting on your liner and lipstick, blot your lips with a tissue and reapply your lipstick,
Then load up your brush with your powder and powder your lips for a perfect matt pout all night.

Build your mascara to the max

Apply your first coat of mascara as normal then while its drying, dip your finger in your powder and just tap it on you lashes and then keep applying and adding powder in layers for super thick dramatic lashes


Pore less all night

For a perfect pore less complexion apply your regular foundation, then with a powder puff loaded with your powder, press and roll the puff along the skin and then take a powder brush a dust off any excess this crates a barrier on the skin so your foundation wont move all night
I hope you all enjoyed!
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