Monday, 12 May 2014

April favourites

As I'm in America right now I cant help but try out every thing that I cant get back home!
plus with a few too many naughty online sprees, needless to say I need to upgrade my makeup bag 
 picking the best of the best out of every thing was not as hard as
I thought because these things have really stood out to me this past month and even longer!
I also tried to put my own spin on the favourites thing we do around here it so I hope you love it! 

Tangle Teezer

I have been oohing and ahhing about one of these for a while now, but a hair brush is something I think you shouldn't need to spend more that £5 on, but I found this on amazon for a great deal!
It really works like it says! I can have the worst birds nest on my head and it would
1. not take long to detangle
2.its pain less even for the wost hair days
And I love the way its shaped for holding and its curved to the shape of your head to 
so best hair brush ever 10 out of 10!

2True Eye brow pencil

This is something i cant say enough good things about! I had such trouble finding something to fill in my eye brows whether it be powder or pencil it would always have a very warm tone and I really wanted something that was cool toned to match my skin and hair better
so i looked to the high end brands for the answer but
I didn't want to dish out £20 odd for it so my friend tipped me on to this,
honestly I have never taken a look at the
little 2true stand at Superdrug but I'm glad I did!
first off its £2! and its the perfect colour, not to soft or hard just what i was looking for 
so if you are having a similar issue your welcome!

Maybelline rocket mascara

I normally double up on mascara, use one for length and use another to add volume but again
a lovely friend of mine let me borrow hers one day and i had a epiphany!
I have tried a good amount of mascaras over time low end and high end but
This mascara did every thing it added volume with out being clumpy, separated well
lengthened and it stays black all day!

Favourite person

I make the rules around here so I'm going to say my cats!
I miss these boys so much while I'm away, so just take a minute to soak in the cute ness!

Favourite movie

The neighbours! I actually saw this like 2 hours ago and it was so funny!
And we cant forget Frozen! I wish Olaf was real!

Favourite memory

Me and my boyfriend when to the special Olympics at his school we even
got to join in and had a basket ball game with them!
it was a lot of fun and made me very happy!    

Have a wonderful week everyone!
good luck! and may the odds be ever in your favour



  1. So glad you enjoyed your time in the states!

  2. I got a tangle teezer today and I'm so excited to use it! Glad to see that it got a 10/10!

    May from La Vie en May

    1. its amazing! you will love it promise!<3

  3. wana try rocket maybeline ur qyick review is so helpful.
    come and check out my fav as well.

  4. fab blog! love your cats - they look like a right cheeky pair!

  5. Helloo! Just checked out your blog, it's great!! Just followed you. & thank you for your comment! xxx

  6. I would love to try the mascara. Kisses!

  7. Cute cats, cool post.

  8. great faves :)

  9. definitely! I'm gonna use some of this products! <3

    Att. Alexa Bernal

  10. Nice post my dear,you have a great blog.

    I'm following you,hope you'll do the same


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