Saturday, 31 May 2014

Summer Bucketlist: Let's Talk Beauty

Summer is shining upon us! and although in England summer lasts about 2 weeks I am determent make the most of it, and my good friend Raquel loves to make the most of it too!
so we are doing a little collaboration where I supply my summer bucket list of all things beauty!
and she brings you her bucket list of wonderful summer fashion!
for all of you guys so please go and check out the other half of this post!

Water bottle fruit infuser

I have been obsessed with these fruit infusers!
not only dose it taste amazing but it encourages you
to drink more water on those hot summer days!
There are so many things you could do with it!
Lemon, mint, cucumber, any fruit you can
think of can make a healthier option
rather than some other surgery drinks     

                    Evian facial mist 

This is a light weight facial mist, it has vitamins and lots of good things for your skin! and its perfect for refreshing your face before
or after you apply your makeup or even just through out

Fat girl six pack

this definitely something interesting 
It is supposed to tone your tummy!
i am very curios to see if this works or not
let me know if you have tried it! 
the day!

H&M makeup key ring

I think this is perfect for sleepovers, after swimming, 
touch-ups during the day! all it need is a concealer! 

Sephora summer stash

This is such a great little kit from sephora so many
goodies to try! and all of them perfectly picked out 
to be the perfect summer makeup bag


NYX waterproof concealer

This sounds perfect for the beach! not having to
 worry about your makeup coming off!

Sally Hansen zero bumps spray

shaving bumps are so irritating! so when i
saw this i thought it was perfect,
im so glad i found a way to get rid of them

Naked 3 pallet

I am a huge fan of the number one pallet! but not so much for the second,
but i think now the third could be my new favorite
i just love the rose gold tone to all the shadows!  

Go and check out the second part of this post 
full of all the fashion!


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